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Wood destroying Insect Inspections

Fortunately or unfortunately, insects are everywhere. While many are mild injuries to the structure of your home, some insects can be devastating to homeowners. This is especially true with pests whose larvae eat away at the wood. These pests include powder post beetles, termites, and carpenter ants.

If you have a pest infestation in your home that is causing damage to the wood of your home, you will want to call a pest control company for help. One thing that you can do on your own is getting a wood-destroying insect inspection from a qualified inspector.

These inspectors will look for evidence of insects or other pests in and around your home. They will be able to help identify the type of infestation, the location of it, and whether or not you need to call a pest control company for further help.

If you are worried about bugs in your home there are steps that you can take on your own. These include keeping food stored away properly, limiting moisture (like leaving dishes in the sink overnight), and fixing any leaks or cracks that may form.

If you are concerned about an infestation, make sure to get a wood-destroying insect inspection from a qualified pest control inspector. Doing this can save you money in the long run by helping you avoid hiring an exterminator that is not necessary.

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How long is a wood-destroying insect report good for?

A wood-destroying insect report may be required for the sale of a property. Depending on which state you live in, it may also be required by your insurance company.

It is common for most states to require an inspection before and after the treatment of termites. If termites are found prior to or soon after the treatment, this could affect the price of your property since it will need to be treated again.

If you have termites and the house is sold while an active infestation is present, this can be considered a material fact that would require disclosure during the sale process. Your real estate agent may advise you to disclose any wood-destroying insect activity prior to putting your house on the market.

More states are requiring inspections before termite treatment. If you live in a state that doesn’t require the inspection, you may want to have it done anyway just to be safe since research has shown that infestations found within 6 months lead to re-infestation very quickly, especially with subterranean termites.

Since termites can cause extensive damage to a home, it is necessary for you to have the infestation removed before selling your house.

The seller has a responsibility to disclose any material defects in the property to the potential purchaser that he knows about or should know about. That would include termite infestations if they are present and active at the time of the sale.

Some states such as Texas require it by law, but any state that doesn’t may still ask for it before selling your home.

A wood-destroying insect report does not need to be done more than once unless you move into a new property; then it must be updated. If a property has been treated already, the report should still be good.

Inspections are typically done for insurance claims and real estate transactions, but you can also get one if you suspect a wood-destroying insect infestation in order to find out how extensive it is. If you have found any holes or mud tubes around your house, this could indicate an active infestation that will need to be treated.

Wood destroying insects like termites, carpenter ants, and wood-decaying fungi can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. Don’t delay treatment as infestations grow quickly with size and become more expensive to remove the larger they get. A qualified pest professional will have no problem updating a previous inspection or completing a new one.

Wood destroying insect inspections are also commonly referred to as “Termite Inspections” or “Insect & Wood Damage Reports.” The inspection usually takes about 15 minutes depending on the size of the house, which is very quick since all they do is look for visible signs. If you have found any wood damage caused by termites or other wood-destroying insects, you should ask for an inspection. Your real estate agent may want to make sure too because your insurance company will likely require it if something is found during the sale of your house.

Wood destroying insect inspections are sometimes required for home sales in certain states like Texas, though it could be helpful for any homeowner to have one done.

If you are looking for something similar, we at Thorough Home Inspections can help you out. If you have any questions about a wood-destroying insect report, our experts before deciding what to do next!

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