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Sellers Inspections

A seller inspection is an inspection where the home’s current owner inspects the house. The owners present any issues they are aware of to the buyers so that the buyers know what they’re getting into.

The last thing you want as a buyer is for your inspector to discover bad wiring or serious termite damage after you’ve bought the house. It’s better to know those things beforehand.

If you’re buying a home, there are some tips that can help with seller inspections:

– Ask your real estate agent to ask the sellers what they would like done and not done with their property (e.g., landscaping). If you know what the sellers want, you can work it out with your own landscaper.

– You may also want to ask your agent if there are policies in your area that prohibit installing plants or changing the landscaping.

– Make a list of things you’d like done to improve the home and give this list to the seller. This can help keep you happily surprised instead of (unpleasantly) surprised that the seller didn’t think to do something simple like put up a light fixture that’s missing.

– If there are expensive updates, ask the listing agent if you can renegotiate the price based on those updates.

– Be realistic about what needs to be done. A new coat of paint or a simple yard cleanup is reasonable. Installing a swimming pool is not.

– If you have specific concerns, such as noisy neighbors, tell the seller during negotiations and see if you can work out an acceptable arrangement between yourselves (e.g., quiet hours). Then, let your agent and the seller’s agent know.

– If you’re interested in a workaholic house, ask the current owners if there was ever an issue with noise from their business (e.g., late-night deliveries). Ask them what they did about it and whether the neighbors were satisfied.

– Have all of your inspections done before negotiating and let your agent know if some repairs are required.

– Ask the seller if they know of anything that might be an issue for you, such as a water well or septic tank. Also ask if there have been any environmental problems in the area (e.g., a landfill). These could make your life miserable and affect your property value.

– If you find later that something was wrong with the house and it would have been good for you to know beforehand, you might be able to sue. However, this can get expensive and time-consuming. So ask your agent how likely it is that you’d win such a case.

– To check out specific systems in the home (e.g., electrical or plumbing), hire a contractor to examine those systems. If the house is old, you might want to ask your agent if there are known problems with those systems so that you know to ask for an inspection.

– If you do find something wrong and decide to sue, be very careful about how you communicate with the seller. Whatever information the seller gives you is not confidential and the seller could use it against you in court.

– In general, every physical problem is a bargaining chip when negotiating with the sellers. You can’t prove how much damage to your house was caused by termites, but you might be able to get a lower price if they were bad enough for an inspection.

By buying a house during the seller’s inspection, you are getting to inspect the home yourself. This allows you to know what kind of repairs need to be done on the property, and if there are any issues with it that may not come up during an average home inspection. During seller’s inspections, sellers usually bring anything wrong with the property (such as damage, or lack of maintenance) to the buyer’s attention.

You will then have the opportunity to negotiate a lower price, due to all of the damage and repairs that need to be done. You can also try and get other amenities added into your new home purchase such as appliances and furniture to help with reducing the total cost of ownership. Seller’s inspection is

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