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Residential Inspections

In order to make sure that a home purchase or rental is sound, many people choose to get a residential inspection before they sign on the dotted line. Experts or inspectors can examine everything from the roof beams to the electrical panel in order to get the best sense of the property’s overall condition.

While you may not need an inspection to buy a home without any major issues (a little bit of rot here and there is OK), if your home is very old or is located in a part of town with frequent flooding, storm damage, and other serious concerns like this, there’s no time to waste getting the inspection done and making sure you know what you’re dealing with.

Typically, professionals will recommend that anyone hire a professional inspector. In general, this person will look for any problems on the property. A residential inspection can provide peace of mind and potentially save you money.

Residential Inspector Standards of Practice dictate that inspectors must have a thorough knowledge of the latest building techniques, materials, code requirements, and safety issues. Inspectors should have a degree from an accredited college or technical school in construction, engineering, architecture, or some other related area of expertise.

In addition to their formal education, inspectors must also complete several hundred hours working on construction sites before they can qualify for certification as a professional inspector.

While there are many inspectors who think they know what to look for in an inspection, only a select few can become certified by the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI).

Certified inspectors will have gone through several exams and practical training sessions before achieving this coveted title. The NAHI requires that its members comply with a strict Code of Ethics that ensures that inspectors act with professionalism, integrity, and in the client’s best interest.

Residential Inspections are one way to make sure you’re getting a quality home when you purchase or rent. While many people choose to do this on their own, it’s typically recommended to use an inspector who has experience with assessing any problems in the home

Why Residential Inspections are important? 

Residential Inspections are important for many reasons. For one, they ensure the homeowner is aware of all maintenance issues with his or her home so that he or she may plan accordingly. Also, should an inspection be missed due to the homeowner’s work schedule at the time of move-in, a second inspection ensures that the homeowners are not required to pay the association dues until the home is up to standard, which benefits all parties involved.

Additionally, should an owner plan on selling their home, it is important to note any defects that may affect the value of the home. A professional residential inspection report can help determine what repairs are necessary (if any) and how much these repairs will cost the homeowner.

The overall benefit of a residential inspection is to provide homeowners with their home’s report card so they may plan accordingly for future expenses, discuss resale value and more. Should the owner not consider himself or herself capable of completing certain repairs based on the inspector’s findings, this information will help him or her locate qualified professionals at the time of sale.

A residential inspection is a benefit for all parties involved and can be used to increase financial security for the homeowner.

How a Residential Inspection can save you money?

Maybe you’ve seen the hidden costs on your property tax bill – charges for utilities, sewer service, parking lot maintenance and garbage removal. When you buy a house these costs are packaged together in what’s called an impound account.

But what many people don’t realize is that all the major services provided by the city or town that you live in are also bundled together.

And just like with your taxes, you’ll only see the total amount due on the bill and not how much of it is for utilities or any other service.

This means that when something goes wrong with your water heater, electrical system or plumbing you could be looking at a $100 to $300 surprise on your next bill.

“It’s a hidden cost,” said Jerry Boettcher, a licensed master plumber in Knoxville. “People come into my shop and they’re thinking that the city is going to cover it.”

Boettcher said that’s not always the case. Sometimes he sees people after their landlord has already paid a plumber to fix the problem.

And that means they’re on the hook for the bill without ever realizing it exists.

“I think people should know what their responsibilities are,” said Boettcher. “If you have a problem, you need to know where to go to get help.”

The fact is, many tenants don’t know any of these costs exist until they see them on their utility bills. And that can lead to problems with landlords, who don’t want to pay the extra fees.

This is why rental inspections are so important. When an inspector checks your home for problems before you move in, it prevents disputes later on when something goes wrong with the plumbing or electrical system and ends up costing you hundreds of dollars.

“It gives the tenant peace of mind that they’re not going to pay any additional fees,” said Kolby Lankford, owner of Thorough Home Inspections . “If there’s anything that needs repair it’s nice to have the city or town already on board.”

So before you move into a new rental, schedule an inspection with Thorough Home Inspections and our guys will take a look around. You might be surprised by what you find.

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