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Pool Inspections

You may have heard of a term called Pool Inspections, but maybe you do not know what they are. Well if that is the case then this article will help you out with that! A pool inspection occurs when a third party looks at a swimming pool and makes sure it is safe for people to use. In many states, all public pools are required to be inspected, but private pools can also make use of pool inspections.

Pool inspectors look for potentially dangerous conditions that may cause someone to become hurt at the swimming pool, like if there is a slippery surface or maybe an unfenced opening that could entice kids into falling in. They take pictures and notes on all these different hazards, then they submit their findings to the owner of the pool.

Some inspectors charge a flat rate for each inspection, but other times it is free as long as they can sell you some kind of safety equipment like a pool cover or maybe even just anti-slip tape for the bottom of your pool steps. But no matter what, any issues that the inspector finds, the owner is responsible for fixing.

However, most owners opt to have their pool inspected on a set interval, usually at least every year. It is even possible to get a discount if you have your pool inspected regularly! Also, be sure that when you are getting your pool inspected you use an impartial person. Have them inspect the pool on a day when there are not children in it. That can help them get an accurate reading and give you good information to work with.

Are pool inspections worth it?

“It’s Not Just About Pools”

Going to a pool is an excellent way to relax, get exercise, and have fun. However, many people are concerned about the health risks that come with swimming in different pools. For example, are public pools safe? Before buying your own pool, it is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of the property. Is it safe for children? How clean is it? In this article, we’ll discuss several pool issues, and whether or not inspections are worth the cost.

The main problem with pools is that they can be a breeding ground for germs.  There are plenty of kids who go to the bathroom in a pool without cleaning up afterward, which causes a whole host of aquatic illnesses to happen. Since children are more likely to get sick at a pool, your first step should always be to check if the pool has any water quality violations. The CDC and FDA provide excellent lists of infractions and their consequences, but the key thing to know is that all pools should be properly maintained and not overloaded.

How do you pass a swimming pool inspection?

Let’s start with the easy and fun stuff you can do to get this inspection done right and get your pool in shape:

  1. Clean out the leaves and another crud from the bottom of the pool. If I see a scum line anywhere above 1/2″ deep, you’re going to fail. Do not let us see this! It’s just not fun to have someone walk around the pool with a blacklight checking for urine stains.
  2. Scrub the tiles and walls of the pool. A good scrubbing every few weeks will keep the calcium off of your nice blue tiles so you can avoid scrubbing out hard water damage once spring hits. If my feet are slipping around on the bottom of the pool, your tiles need some love.
  3. Make sure you have an easy access skimmer basket with clear water in it (or replace it if it’s dirty). Skimmers can get clogged up over time and if they’re tough for me to find, they will also be tough for you to clean.
  4. Clean out the filters on your pool pump (if it’s not a sand filter). Consult your owner’s manual for specifics on how to do this. Filters will get clogged over time, but if you take care of them they’ll last through spring and summer for decades!
  5. Repair any cracked or broken tiles on the pool floor.

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Thorough Home Inspections service is a unique company that provides its customers with an unbiased review of their equipment, supplies, and the overall conditions of the pools they own. Our services are available to commercial as well as residential clients, which enables us to provide inspections for both small backyard pools as well as large treatment facilities. So let’s get in touch, right now!

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