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Residential & Commercial Investor Inspections

Are you a real estate investor and is your goal to purchase and flip properties as quickly as possible?

If that’s the case, then it is likely that you will need to do what is known as an Investor Inspection. These can be done on residential or commercial properties depending on how the transaction looks.       

An investor inspection is similar to a standard inspection, but it goes deeper. A typical home inspector looks at the major components of the structure to ensure they are in general working order. However, an investor inspection will be interested in both major and minor detail items that may affect the value of the property being purchased.   

What is involved?

The first step is to hire a company or an individual to conduct the inspection. In some cases, a standard home inspector might be willing to do one, but more often than not they will refer you to someone who specializes in investor inspections.

How much does a property investor inspection cost?

There is generally a fee for this service and it may be negotiable depending on the size of the property, how long it will take, and the level of detail that needs to be included in the inspection. 

And to help you out, you’d want to hire Thorough Home Inspections, an industry leader in proactive property inspections. We inspect all types of commercial properties, conducting thorough checks at every stage of construction to ensure that new building projects meet required safety standards. Our qualified inspectors roam walls, crawl under floors, poke at roof trusses and climb into the rafters to ensure that every square inch of your building is safe.

The next step is to set up a time for them to do the inspection. It’s often done at the same time as a standard home inspection so there are no delays or extra fees. This also starts what you will likely have with most experienced inspectors who travel from property to property.   

What do commercial inspectors do?

Commercial inspectors can work in a variety of industries such as construction and manufacturing. They ensure that products meet the quality standards laid out by their company.

Commercial inspectors typically inspect materials, processes, equipment, and facilities to ensure that they do not pose any safety risks or harm the environment. They may also conduct tests and collect samples for further inspection.

Commercial inspectors often help to identify and correct any issues with the materials used for a construction project. They may also be involved in checking that building codes and permit requirements were adhered to during construction. If needed, they can provide documentation regarding the quality or compliance of materials used for buildings.

The inspector will want to spend at least an hour on the site, but many times it will be longer depending on the size of the home and how complex its construction is. They will check all parts of the structure for problems, including both inside and outside. This also includes basements, attics, crawl spaces, and garages.   

What do commercial inspectors look for?

The inspector will use a checklist of items that may be an issue with the property or could have been repaired improperly. They will also take notes on any problems they find particularly if those issues affect the safety and livability of the property at hand. This is so you can pass on this information to lawyers, realtors, and other parties involved in the transaction. Most of these issues should be covered by warranties or guarantees, but it’s always good to have a report for your own records.   

After the inspection is done, you will have a chance to ask questions about what you are being told by the inspector. You can go over any concerns with them and find out about the costs for repairs that would be recommended. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them as this is when the inspector will be able to clear up anything that might not make sense at a later point in time.   

The inspection will typically take an hour or two and then you can move forward with your purchase. If you have a realtor, they will be able to provide you with the information that was gathered during the inspection and help you get in touch with any contractors who can do repairs. Many of these issues may not need to be addressed right away anyway, but at least you’re aware of them before making your decision to buy or not buy the home.  

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