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Commercial Inspections

Every day, buyers and tenants of commercial properties are faced with the same challenge: the risk of buying or leasing an uninhabitable building. Unfortunately, this can lead to expensive legal exposure if litigation is necessary to recover financial losses incurred as a result of buying or leasing contaminated property. This exposure can be mitigated by engaging professional commercial property inspection services to detect and disclose the presence of contamination before the sale occurs.

Commercial inspections are also called real estate environmental audits. Despite what you might think, a commercial property inspection is not about finding every little detail about the history of your building or location. The goal is to determine if there has been any significant release of regulated contaminants.

If a site inspection is not performed by a professional, the presence of regulated contaminants may go undetected. In addition to uncovering contamination issues, commercial property inspections can help landlords identify areas where building maintenance is needed and help buyers assess return on investment.

The selected inspector should be trained in environmental procedures and qualified to test for specific chemicals or contaminants. For instance, someone who is trained in testing for asbestos is not necessarily qualified to test for lead paint or PCBs.

If you are buying, leasing, or otherwise acquiring a commercial property, make sure that the inspector selected understands the type of business involved and can recognize potential environmental concerns that may arise from normal operations. If your facility is a dry cleaner, for example, the inspector should be knowledgeable about the solvent used and its associated hazards.

Why are Commercial Inspections Important? 

Commercial Inspections are important because they help to ensure that property, equipment and inventory of a commercial business is safe for use. When you buy an existing building or piece of property, like a retail store or warehouse, it’s always prudent to get it inspected before putting down your money. You wouldn’t want to find out after the deal that there’s lead paint in the walls or asbestos insulation on the roof, would you?

Here’s How Commercial Inspections Can Save You Money

Many business owners are beginning to realize that they can save money on their next commercial property purchase by having a Commercial Inspection conducted on the building. A Commercial Inspection differs from a standard home inspection because it is conducted by an impartial professional who will let you know exactly what is wrong with the building, how much it will cost to fix each problem, and if any problems will affect the building’s integrity.

Many business owners and property managers are under the impression that a Commercial Inspection costs too much, but in reality even a small commercial building inspection could end up saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. In addition to helping you avoid costly repair bills, a commercial inspection can also help you find any problems with the electrical wiring or plumbing, which in turn could end up saving you thousands in damages in the event of a fire or flood in your commercial building.

If you’re looking to purchase a commercial building, be sure that you include a commercial inspection into your due diligence schedule and contact Thorough Home Inspection for your inspection needs. A small fee today will save you thousands later on! 

Need Help? 

We all want to live in safe communities. It is the responsibility of every property owner to protect the lives and health of citizens through cost-effective building inspection and enforcement programs that help keep buildings safe for occupancy. We know that there is a fair amount of skepticism surrounding the work we do. That’s why we will go to great lengths to show you how our program is effective and also why we’re the right choice for your building inspection services.

We are Thorough Home Inspection, an industry leader in proactive property inspections. We inspect all types of commercial properties, conducting thorough checks at every stage of construction to ensure that new building projects meet required safety standards. Our qualified inspectors roam walls, crawl under floors, poke at roof trusses and climb into the rafters to ensure that every square inch of your building is safe.

We also conduct Check-Ups for commercial properties after they’re built to ensure that everything stays in working order. Our inspections are thorough, proactive and affordable. We find problems before they become big problems. And our detailed reports are available the moment your inspection is over, so you can move forward with any necessary repairs immediately.

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