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Buyers Inspections

What is buyer inspection? It’s a rather simple term: it’s what the buyer does after signing some sort of agreement with either an agent or real estate developer. The basics of the procedure don’t change; anything that new home buyers think they should know remains as such. There are, however, some caveats and disclaimers to take into consideration.

The first and most important aspect to remember is that even if the buyer decides to skip the inspection, they cannot return home – not without a penalty anyway. The reason why is because by signing an agreement, buyers have agreed with the developer’s terms of sale, which include indemnity for foreseeable damages, defects, or missing items. What this means is that the buyer cannot come back a year or two after they’ve moved in and sued for damages. Even if the house did cost a five-figure sum, it’s too late to make any sort of complaint. The contract will be watertight and it’ll take years in court before anything happens.

The second aspect to remember is that a contract is a contract. If the buyer decides to break it, they will be held accountable by the legal system. For example, if the developer finds out that the buyer skipped one or two inspections and later discovers damages or defects in their property, then that’s just tough luck for them because it’s their fault. It’s not going to help them much, however. The developer still has the upper hand and therefore it’s going to be to their benefit to use this for negotiation purposes.

They should also remember that a professional inspector will not do a good job if they know that the buyer is watching them. If there are any problems or issues with a property, then they will usually try and save it for the last moment. If they know that their client is watching them like a hawk, though, then there’s no way this will be possible and they’ll have to tell the truth.

Regardless of these potential problems, most people find houses based on how they look from the outside – not inside or underneath with binoculars!

What do our certified inspectors look for in a home inspection?

When anyone is looking at the market to buy a new house, the first thing they usually look for is the price of the property, followed by what kind of neighborhood it’s in. There are also other factors to consider but if you’re looking for a way to get out of buying a lemon of a property, getting an inspection done may be your saving grace.

An inspection done by a professional home inspector serves as a way for the buyers to be informed about what kind of condition their potential property is in and if there are any problems that they should pay attention to while still in the early stages of house hunting. If the deal goes through, an inspection report may also serve as proof that the buyers have been informed of whatever problems there are so that they’ll have a better chance to negotiate with the sellers on repairs or whatnot.

Inspectors usually look for anything from possible water leaks, electrical wiring issues, and structural abnormalities to pest infestation. They may also check on fireplace inserts if they’re using natural gas as their fuel source. Among all of these things, it’s also worth noting that the inspectors will also look for evidence of mold in your potential new house since this can cause a lot of respiratory problems once you start living in it regularly.

What to expect from a buyers inspection from Thorough Home Inspections?

A home inspection service provider reports inspection findings in a written report which includes: details on the property’s construction, an overview of its systems and components, any defects or necessary improvements that will require further investigation, as well as information to reduce future maintenance costs. They also make suggestions regarding reasonable safety measures and management options that may prevent further damage.

The home inspection report is usually delivered within 24 hours of the inspection, though it can be expected for most gas and oil heating systems to take up to 48 hours.

How to find an home inspector?

When you’re looking for an inspection company in the Knoxville TN area, Thorough Home Inspections is your best option. We’ve been serving customers there for more than 10 years and offer both residential and commercial inspections with trained professionals who are fully licensed, insured & highly motivated on the job experience from owner Kolby Lankford. Our dedicated staff will make sure no defect goes unnoticed; potentially saving thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs

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