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Failed Home Inspection?

Home inspections are supposed to be, at best, boring. You show up to the house, walk around every room and hallway with the inspector, point out all of the major issues that need to be addressed (and there are always plenty), and then you move on (and usually never return). Although many home inspection reports can end up being incredibly detailed , they generally don’t do much to engage the reader. That being said, it should come as no surprise that home inspection reports are not always perfect.

To help our readers avoid the stress of thinking that their new home purchase might be a money pit, we’ve compiled a list of common errors that could appear in any inspection report. Sometimes these mistakes are honest ones, while other times they may indicate that the inspector was not adequately trained or did not perform their inspections to industry standards.

Here is a checklist of things that might fail your home inspection:

There is no report

Always ask to see the inspector’s written report with an identification number, date, and full details about what was actually inspected. If they don’t have one or won’t show it to you, that’s a big red flag.

There is no detailed assessment of the house overall

Did the inspector only look at small areas? Did they fail to tell you about any major defects or potential problems with the foundation or other parts of the property? If so, you should re-inspect it yourself and not rely on the report.

There is a lot of writing, but nothing is legible

This can be a sign that the home inspector was rushing to finish their job or did not have enough time to complete it properly. Even if everything they wrote down was correct, being unable to read it will make you feel like they didn’t do a thorough job

The inspector only notes problems without suggesting how to fix them

If they did not recommend any solutions, it’s possible that the report is incomplete or they are not qualified to address every issue that the home has. Regardless of whether or not you end up buying the property, it should be clear what needs to be done to address each problem that the home inspector found.

If the inspector only says that there are problems, it is possible they didn’t take the time to look closely enough at each one and try to come up with a solution. When they do list potential problems, the language used should be clear about what needs to happen in order for everything to get fixed.

There’s no information about any prior repairs or known issues with the house

This is especially important if there are any indications that there might have been water damage or other major problems within the last few years. If there is any history of problems, it could be a sign that they are likely to reoccur unless additional work is done on the property.

There’s no information about how much it will cost to fix everything listed in the report (and why those numbers are relevant)

This may not seem important when you are just looking at the purchase price for this home, but it is crucial in determining whether or not you can afford to buy it. It’s worth knowing the true cost of the required repairs so you don’t overpay for a property that will end up costing more than it’s actually worth.

Whether they’re giving opinions based on their own knowledge and expertise or simply reporting what the seller tells them, an inspector’s report should be consistent with other information that you have. If the two don’t agree, it could mean that one of them is either incompetent or not telling the truth.

This list will help you know what you should be looking for when reading your report. Although it is possible that no errors will appear in any given inspection, knowing common mistakes may help our readers to be on the lookout for issues that could come up.

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