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Does A Home Inspector Look For Termites?

The answer is no and yes, a general Knoxville home inspector is not required by law to look for termites. A state-licensed and insured pest control company would be the only company authorized to perform any type of work that is regulated by your state and local authorities. State-licensed companies are certified by their state’s Department of Agriculture to control termite infestations, but they also handle other pest problems such as roaches and bed bugs.

If you do suspect or know for a fact that there is termite activity present in the home, it may be advisable to hire a company that specializes in termite inspections. A good inspector will look for telltale signs of infestation, such as mud tubes on the foundation, wings near windows or doors, wood being eaten away from the inside out, and exit holes in the wood. These are just a few examples to watch out for when you have a suspected termite infestation for evidence of termites, including any damage to wood and other building materials. The inspector will also look for mud tubes or “gallery” lines which are a telltale sign that termites have been feeding on the wood. Soil cores should be taken according to state regulations and sent to an approved laboratory for analysis. If you do hire an inspector or pest control company, make sure you know what will be included in the price. Some companies offer termite inspections for free when they are doing a regular inspection.

A trusted professional will also not attempt to detect or perform treatments on termites without proper equipment and training. Treatment methods vary depending on geographical location, pest species present, and the size of the infestation. For example, bait treatments are recommended for dry climates where termites are typically located in wood that is moist. In wetter climates, the termites will be found closer to the ground’s surface due to increased moisture levels. This increases the likelihood of liquid or soil injections being effective.

Termite inspections usually include procedures to locate termites, damage, and infestation. The inspection should include wood that is accessible as well as other parts of the home. Sometimes the inspections are limited to only certain areas if there are already active infestations present in those locations.

Since a pest control company should be responsible for any treatment needed for termites or be able to tell you if termite treatment is necessary, ask the inspector you hire what they would do in your specific situation. If an inspection is required by law or included in a warranty, then it’s probably a good idea to have it done by someone who is state-licensed and insured.

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