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Do Home Inspectors Locate DIY Projects That Don’t Have Permits?

It is a very common belief that when Knoxville home inspectors are inspecting homes, they are often able to locate projects that have been completed by homeowners or someone not licensed within the construction industry. This belief has led many to question whether having DIY projects go without permits is much of an issue because if the inspection can find them so can people looking to buy houses.

First of all, it is important to note that home inspectors do not look for illegal projects when doing their job. They are not law enforcement officials and therefore must refrain from trying to find issues such as these. The main purpose of a home inspection is to make sure the structure and components of a home are in proper working order. The home inspector is not checking for things that he or she can turn into the local authorities, but rather checking to make sure it will be safe and sound for the new owners.

Furthermore, even though inspectors are trained professionals they still may not catch certain types of illegal work done by homeowners. Just because an inspector finds something, such as a hole in the ceiling that has been patched up rather than replaced does not necessarily mean it will be easy to prove that this was done by an untrained individual.

Many of the illegal projects completed within houses may even go completely unnoticed and therefore never reported at all since home inspectors are trying to ensure safety and not police around the house. 

For example, let’s say a person did an installation of hardwood flooring themselves and did not make sure it was installed to code. If the inspector would happen to notice that this work had been done by untrained individuals they would most likely only mention the fact that it should be fixed before closing.

If you were looking to buy a house, you probably would not know how to spot illegal DIY projects anyway. What looks like a small electrical job could actually be the potential cause of an electrical fire that inspectors are trained to try and catch.

People who attempt these types of projects should understand that it is always better to have them done by professionals for safety purposes alone because not only are homeowners not trained to complete these jobs but there are also regulations that govern how it should be done.

The bottom line is, everyone should avoid DIY projects whenever possible, but if you are going to do them, make sure it is inspected by a professional first.

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