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Are There Upgraded Home Inspections If I Want A Comprehensive Report?

As Knoxville home inspectors become more experienced and skilled, they are able to provide their clients with more detailed reports. It’s common for an inspector to return to a home he has inspected previously and note things that have changed since his last visit. If there was no significant change to the home, an inspector may make a note of it in their report. If there was a substantial change, however, the inspector will be required to complete an upgrade to his inspection and charge more for their services.

Depending on the change and its impact on the home, the inspector may be required to provide a completely new inspection.

Some types of changes require an upgrade, while others will result in a new inspection. For example, if there is now central air conditioning installed in the home, an upgrade must be completed as this has major implications for future buyers and owners. If there is a new washer and dryer in the home, this would not result in an upgrade or require a new inspection. On the other hand, if there are three bedrooms but only one has been used as such since the previous visit, the inspector will have to complete another inspection.

Upgraded inspections are very common when selling a home. In most cases, buyers will want to see if the changes have been completed according to local building standards. If upgrades or additional inspections are required, this may put a halt on negotiations until the seller is able to provide them with these new reports.

If you require a more detailed report when selling your home, contact a home inspector in your area to see what type of upgrade they may provide.

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